Our Family law and Divorce Specialties

family-law-300x199Family law deals with intense personal issues that have lifelong emotional and financial effects. It is a highly specialized area of law, requiring specific experience in negotiation and litigation skills, taxation, property and business evaluation. Successful family law litigators focus on the emotional and psychological aspects of why their clients do as they do.

The law office of James J Kenny, ESQ. Is devoted exclusively to the practice of family law. With more than 32 years of hands on experience, Mr. Kenny offers a comprehensive understanding of the legal and human issues involved in all areas of family law.

Mr. Kenny provides his clients with professional representation at all stages of the familyLaw Offices of James J Kenny law case. In a divorce or family law matter, clients often need immediate action to protect their economic rights and their relationship with their children. In other cases, the client spouse might be hiding assets or under estimating income. Mr. Kenny’s office is experienced in dealing with these situations in a swift and effective manner by employing the following strategies:
*next day filing of a dissolution of marriage case
*Obtaining emergency re-straining orders
*Serving subpoenas on banks and other financial institutions
*Depositions of your spouse and witness
*Preventing your spouse from disposing of or borrowing against real estate
*Preventing your spouse from removing your children from California
*Obtaining temporary custody and support orders

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