Introducing Divorce Lawyer, Mr. Jerad Powers

Jerad PowersIn an effort to offer more efficiency and a quicker turn-a-round with divorce cases, The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny would like to give a warm welcome to Mr. Jerad Powers, Esq.

Mr. Powers is Mr. Kenny’s second associate family law attorney and an experienced divorce lawyer, qualified to assist in all family law cases and trails. Mr. Powers, a divorce attorney with religious values, is originally from the Mid West, graduated with his bachelor of arts from The University of Kansas, with emphasis in sociology and then received his Law degree at an international Evangelical university; Trinity Law School in Orange County, Ca. Trinity Law School’s community is shaped by their commitment to the Gospel and they serve Christ by championing a biblical view of human law and government and by the academic integration of law, human rights, and defense of the Christian faith. During his attendance at Trinity Law School, Mr. Powers received The American Jurisprudence Award,  for receiving the highest grade in his class. Mr. Powers, Esq., is  the newest addition to the Family Law Office of James J. Kenny and will often be seen with Shannon, the newest office dog (a white labra-doodle)  that greets our guests and keeps everyone smiling.

Mr. Kenny now has two associate attorneys; Mrs. Kelly Price and Mr. Jerad Powers, and they are all divorce lawyers that work together to assist clients with their family law cases including divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements, domestic violence and more.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney or family law specialist, visit our website or call 909-476-2661 to schedule your consultation today.

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