Hire an attorney to help you draft your will and testament

Although most of Mr. Kenny’s time is filled with divorce, child custody and child support will attorneycases, he can also help in writing a will and testament to insure that if anything were to happen, your family would be taken care of and your estate would be protected. Hiring a lawyer to help prepare your last will and testament can save your family confusion, arguments and battles later. A lawyers assistance is essential if your situation is unusual, complex or involves substantial assets. Jame J. Kenny received a 5-star review from a client named Pondy D. about this very service:

“I am so happy with Law Offices of James J Kenny’s services and guidance. I used them to draft my Last Will and Testament. What I thought I wanted my will to say wasn’t even close to what I needed. He was so wonderful in explaining what planning and language was needed to manage my estate. In the event that the use of my will becomes necessary, in the far, far, far distant future, I am confident that the work done now will provide and protect my family. Thank you.”

If you are interested in hiring an attorney to help you prepare and complete  your will, call for a consultation today! 909-476-2661 Our Family Law Offices are located in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino and we also offer virtual appointments.

Introducing Rancho Cucamonga Divorce Attorney, Kelly Price

Divorce Attorney and Family Law Specialist, Kelly Price assists James J. Kenny in all Family Law cases.

Divorce Attorney and Family Law Specialist, Kelly Price assists James J. Kenny in all Family Law cases.

The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny would like to give a warm welcome to Kelly Price, James J. Kenny’s associate attorney at the Rancho Cucamonga Office. She is an experienced divorce attorney and qualified to assist in all family law cases and trails. Both attorney’s assist clients with their family law cases including divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements, domestic violence and more.

If you are looking for a divorce attorney or family law specialist, visit our website or call 909-476-2661

Our Family Law Office in Rancho Cucamonga

James J Kenny Family Law Office in Rancho Cucamonga We love our beautiful Family Law Office located in Southern California in the city of Rancho Cucamonga. We are located at 11060 Elm Avenue and our nearest cross street is White Oak Avenue. Our Divorce Attorneys James J. Kenny and Kelly Price, both assist tons of families with their divorce and family law cases every single day. Our Family Lawyers assist in court hearings, paper filing, appearances, consultations, trials, review orders, assists with wage assignments, divisions of profit sharing and they can also assist with obtaining emergency restraining orders due to domestic violence or abuse. They are Certified Family Law specialists that focus on divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements and domestic violence. If you are in need of an Attorney, Lawyer or Divorce specialist, visit our website at http://www.jkfamilylaw.com or call to schedule a consultation with James J. Kenny or Kelly Price. 909-476-2661

5-Star Reviews for our Divorce Attorney on Bing!

5-Star rated divorce attorney

Our Family Law Office  is happy to report that James J. Kenny has received five 5-star reviews on our Bing.com profile page which can also be seen on our judysbook profile for his family law and divorce services. Considering James J. Kenny has been practicing Family Law and specializing in Divorce law since 1988, he has had hundred of clients over the years. We have received many letters and emails thanking us for our family law divorce services but it wasn’t until recently that our clients have become more technologically savvy and have started leaving reviews online.

John T. Wrote:

“I want to thank James J. Kenny for all the work you did on my divorce case. It makes a great deal of difference to me to have the medical bills taken care of in my family law case. Your prompt action and skillful handling brought results and I have recommended you several times and will continue to do so.”

Tim D. wrote:

“I recommend the Law Offices of James J. Kenny as a divorce attorney very highly. He is a consummate professional yet still treats you like family. I will not hesitate to contact him, if needed, in the future.”

We would like to thank our clients for leaving these amazing reviews for others to see and we encourage any past clients that have not left one for us to do so! If you have not consulted with James J. Kenny yet but have a pressing Family Law issues having to do with a Divorce, call to schedule your consultation today! 909-476-2661

Family Law Office that feels like home!

There are many things that James Kenny and his team here at our family law office do to make our Rancho Cucamonga office feel like home. Our receptionist, Connie, is always in a great mood, picking up the phones with a happy hello, eager to help whoever it is on the other end of the phone. We always provide drinks to our guests and comfortable chairs to sit in but most of all, James J. Kenny and his assistant and wife, Christy Kenny, very often bring their dogs to work. Like many others, James and Christy are huge dog lovers and their 2 golden retrievers, Dakota and Maxwell, get to relax while James Kenny meets with his clients.

“Having the dogs in the office really makes people happy and makes it feel like less of a Divorce Attorney’s office and more like a home.” -James J. Kenny.

So if you would like to hire an attorney to help with your divorce case, call today! James J. Kenny is a “Certified Family Law Specialist” that works along side, associate attorney, Kelly Price. They are family law attorneys that can assist with divorce, child custody, visitation, Child support/spousal support, property division, wage support, paternity, business valuation, premarital & marital agreements and domestic violence. They also have an office located in San Bernardino and take virtual appointments through video calling to make it convenient to meet anytime and anywhere. If you need a family lawyer, call today to book your appointment! 909-476-2661.

Divorce Case for Custody of Family Pet

dog custody pictureJames J. Kenny was recently hired to represent a gentleman in a divorce case in Rancho Cucamonga that wanted to fight to keep their family dog. After months of court visits and James Kenny going back and fourth in trial, the Man won custody of the family dog in their divorce. The big day came for the Man to get his dog full time but that day, something came over him and his heart decided to allow his wife to keep their family dog. It was an interesting family law case because James Kenny is a dog lover himself and knows very well the love of a family dog. He fought as hard as he could to win the case and although he did win, it turns out the husband in the case had a change of heart. To read more about custody disputes over pets in divorce cases, read this great article! 

If you are interested in hiring a lawyer for a family law case with pets involved, call our Law Office today! The Family Law Office of James J. Kenny has offices located in Rancho Cucamonga and San Bernardino, serving all courts in Southern California. James Kenny is an attorney that has been practicing Family law for so many years that he has earned the title of, “Certified Family Law Specialist” and can help you with any family law or divorce case including but not limited to; child custody, visitation, child or spousal support, property division, domestic violence, family business and prenuptial agreements. If you are interested in scheduling a consultation with James Kenny, call today! 909-476-2661

Same Sex Family Law Attorney

James Kenny would like to personally note:
“One thing that is really important to me (James Kenny), is for you to feel like you are treated as a guest in my office. We go out of our way to be hospitable and respectful to insure that everyone and anyone feels comfortable while visiting our Family Law Office. We do not discriminate, and with that said, we accept all same sex, gay marriage and lesbian marriage family law cases.”
If you are going through a divorce in a gay or lesbian marriage, James J. Kenny is the same sex marriage divorce lawyerperfect divorce attorney for you! You will be treated with love, acceptance and understanding just like anyone else would be. We have offices located in Rancho Cucamonga, San Bernardino and we can now offer virtual appointments through skype or google hangouts. If you are interested in a consultation with this experienced Divorce Lawyer, call today! 909-476-2661 or visit our website for more information: http://www.jkfamilylaw.com